Thanksgiving 2017. At our house just up the road from the river, my husband Eddie and I were setting out our Christmas Deer decorations and getting ready for the Christmas season. It had been a great day.

Later that night, after we had gone out to eat with some friends, we returned home to relax. Only a few hours later, we watched some Hallmark, went to bed, and then my life changed forever. That night, Eddie had a massive heart attack and died.  

Early in the next year, 2018, our daughter Mariah got engaged.  It was bittersweet because her Dad would not be here to give her away.  Mariah and her brother  (my son Martin) had spent every weekend with their dad at the river canoeing, kayaking, and cooking.  Those were special times for the family.

I suggested to Mariah that she have her wedding in our field near the river.  For five solid months, we all spent our spare time preparing the pasture for the wedding.

On the day of the wedding the rains came down, but as soon as the instrumental of “Here Comes the Sun” began playing, the skies opened up and the sun came out.


We knew Eddie was there in spirit. It was a new day on the New River...